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The imagination of the butterfly

The butterfly money generates an Imago-internal market with an economic balance of the diverse human abilities. Thus an economic permaculture is created as a counter design to the monoculture of the current caterpillar money (Euro, Dollar, Yen etc...) with its exclusive focus on economic growth.

Due to its characteristics, the Imago - compared to the current monetary system - is particularly attractive for the large number of people whose talents are disadvantaged or even suppressed in the current monetary system. This especially includes abilities that enable a healing process of the ecological and social trauma caused by the current monetary system. Euro, Dollar, Yen etc. are no longer without alternatives for people with such abilities.

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Life and economy within the Imago-internal market becomes colorful, diverse, co-creative, cooperative, life-friendly and thus attractive.

The more integrally economic circulations can be closed within the Imago-networks, the more inclusively it will be possible for people to economically operate within the Imago-monetary system and thus be more independent of the current monetary system.

The caterpillar money system gradually loses strength and power.

The Imago thus enables human society to unfold into its full potential.

What has started as a series of Imago-Gatherings with a few active people, becomes through the implementation of the Imago-Money System the Imago-Movement.

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Movement for a metamorphosis of the world

The story Butterfly - a tiny tale of great transformation by Norie Huddle has become a world-wide popular metaphor for social change over the past decades:

In the body of the continually growing caterpillar, emerging imago-cells already carry the imagination of the butterfly. Through new ways of communication and new ways of networking between imago-cells, imago-clusters and imago-networks they enable the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly.

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The Imago-Movement (the butterfly-movement) is a precise and achievable transfer of this metaphor into the reality of our society. The Butterfly-Movement aims to give strength to a metamorphosis of the social organism - towards "the more beautiful world our hearts already know" (Ch. Eisenstein).

At repeated Imago-Gatherings, within the already existing local and global Imago-Networks, we co-create new economic connections based on mindful communication and collective wisdom - an imago-currency-system.

This butterfly-money will allow economic cycles to be closed within the Imago-networks, will enable increasing independence from the current caterpillar-money and a turning away from its growth imperative. The design and creation of the butterfly-money gives economic power to the values of the butterfly-movement and thereby provides increasing resilience.

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»What is the end of the world for the caterpillar,

is a butterfly to the rest of the world.«

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Das Imago-Movement ist ein gemeinnütziges Projekt der
Oeconomia Augustana (gemeinnütziger Verein).

Bankverbindung für Spenden und Förderungen

Kontoinhaber: Oeconomia Augustana e.V.

IBAN: DE12 4306 0967 7007 0899 00

GLS-Bank Bochum

Verwendungszweck: „Imago-Movement“

Wir bitten um Mitteilung über Deine Spende per Email an:

Distinguishing signs

The Imago-Movement differs from previous concepts for transformation of society


  • by its narrative approach with a metaphor about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly, which is known as a natural process of deep transformation in all cultures of the world.

  • by the combination of conscious communication and a consciously designed monetary system that emerges from it.

  • by the interpretation of local and global transformative networks (--> Imago-Networks) as representatives of different economic sectors and

  • by the union of these Imago-networks into a conscious, global integral organism through the "Imago-monetary-system" created by these networks.

  • by the resulting emancipation from existing political and economic power structures.

Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 0 - Raupe.png
Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 1.0.png
Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 1.1.png
Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 2.png
Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 4.png
Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 3.png
Metamorphose Momo - Stufe 6 - Schmetterling.png


The Imago Movement is serving to evolve a new culture of togetherness and unfold the whole human potential on our planet to create the more beautiful world that our hearts already know.

On Imago-Gahterings we create collective wisdom through conscious communication, embodiment, music, dance and art, and use this wisdom to create one or more currency systems that give power to new values.

This wisdom-based Imago monetary system unfolds in existing, world-spanning networks of transformation to create a powerful, interconnecting alternative to our current money which is rooted in economic growth.

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